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Digital Gallery

Have you dreamed of thousands of people viewing your creations and falling in love with what you create?  Have you wondered how you could reach all these people and still have time to do the thing you love to do?

Now is the time to start this new adventure with Domhnall Art Gallery.   We are not like a traditional gallery.  We do not have a physical gallery, neither do we have a long waiting list before your work can be exhibited. 

We are not competing with traditional galleries and one day we do hope to have our own physical gallery, but for now, which is the only time we really have, we have the wonderful digital world as our playground.

This is the beginning of our journey and we look forward to you joining us on this fantastic adventure.

Click the button to leave your details and we will send you information on all the benefits of exhibiting with Domhnall Art Gallery.

I am looking forward to hearing all about your success.



Shop Presence

As an exhibiting member of the community the artwork you submit for inclusion in the gallery will automately be included in the shop.  Thereby expanding the reach of potential customers.


There will be opportunities for you to participate in future events both as part of the gallery and join us at physical events.


As our community grows you will have access to our community site.  For more information on what is on offer click the more information button and we will send you information on becoming a member of our community.